High School Students Beautify Animal Shelter

Recycled container brightened up with paint and smiles

Molokai High School students spent their Saturday morning in the hot sun, painting brightly colored animals on the Humane Society’s new modular office.

“It is a nationwide program based on technology, but also encourages the students to take on community projects,” said Perry Buchalter, who directs the program on Molokai and is also the Fine Arts and Digital Media teacher at MHS.

EAST began in Arkansas by Fortune 500 companies as a way to introduce software like Adobe Suite and others, in order to improve student’s proficiency before they enroll in college.

“I want to study computer science, so EAST is really good for that,” said Cheyanne Keliihoomalu, a senior at MHS.

Like artists in training, the students were dedicated to making the recycled container appealing to the eye.

According to Buchalter, the students spearheaded the entire project. They were responsible for selecting the images to be painted, coming up with the supplies they would need and other details that surround planning a community volunteer project.

Participation in the project was optional for the students, but those who did volunteer their time and energy will be receiving class credit.

Mahalo to them, for volunteering their time for the betterment of Molokai animals. Also, mahalo to Coffees of Hawaii for supplying the volunteers with refreshments.


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