High school senior wins scholarship

Whitney Apo, one of five recipients of the Josh Jerman Realtor Maui Scholarship 2008, plans on using this opportunity to commit herself to a career in midwifery.

Whitney Apo of Molokai High School is one of five high schools seniors awarded $1,000 each by the Josh Jerman Realtor Maui Scholarship 2008.

Apo will major in Nursing at Southern Oregon University, with the goal of becoming a Certified Nurse-Midwife. By volunteering at the local hospital, Whitney learned that midwives do most of the birthing deliveries on Molokai.

“Midwives have the honor of bringing new life into this world, and to help families plan for the future,” she said. “I have chosen to commit myself to this career in health for both my own family as well as my community.”

In its fourth consecutive year, the Josh Jerman Realtor Maui Scholarship encourages college-bound students to use their education to benefit Maui County. More than 50 students applied for this scholarship.


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