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Help Needed for Fishpond Restoration

The March 11 tsunami brought down the walls of the Keawanui Fishpond (12 mile marker east), and the entire wall needs to be put back, approx. 2,000 feet.

Daily work, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the wall has started, those interested in helping and learning the “dry stacking” method of fishpond wall building, please call 553-3244 or 558-0111 and leave your name and contact information.

Please be advised that this is hard work and we have no funding for this disaster, so you will have to provide your own food, (lunch), tabis (or old shoes), gloves and transportation. This is serious work of our kupuna, don’t come if you only want to mahaoe and ask a thousand questions. In the doing comes the learning.

Walter Ritte


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