Heck No, Windmills Blow

If the windmill park is allowed to go up, we all pay – forever. The state gets closer to its benchmark; Molokai Properties Ltd., HECO, and Pattern Energy get the profits; Honolulu gets cheap electricity; Molokai’s coral reefs get buried further; and Molokai’s people can no longer sustain themselves. 

When I say blow, I’m referring to the windblown sediment of barren land – not that there won’t also be erosion, soil compaction, and damage to native vegetation. Before cattle and large-scale agriculture there were trees and habitats for native birds.

Stop destroying Molokai. There are no community benefits in this plan, so stop thinking about it. It’s not worth it. The pattern of exploitation needs to stop. And furthermore, we truly need our natural resources in order to be sustainable.

Malama Pono, 

Jennie Abshire


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