The Healing of Molokai and Permaculture

The healing of Molokai is paramount if Hawaiians and their culture are to survive. The ahupua`a of Kaluakoi needs to be reforested, the uka lands of our south shores from Naiwa to Kamalo need to be watered and planted, our fishponds cleaned and repaired, our reefs saved from soil erosion, and our north shore valleys planted again with kalo. The Healing of Molokai would make it “Aina Momona” once again, and help with food security for all.

Permaculture has given 20 of us who attended a series of courses great hope that this can be done with the techniques of “soil restoration” and “water harvesting earth works.” It was mind blowing to see examples of “water sheds” being created in dry lands (we think water sheds are only in the mountain forest). We can actually create water sheds on our dry uka lands of our southern shore. This would stop the flow of soil onto our reefs and allow us to create food forests on our uka lands. This would put every able-bodied person who is looking for a job to work.

The ahupua`a system is one of six recorded sustainable systems in the world, and is the second most productive. The partnership of permaculture and Hawaiian “ecological engineering” of the ahupua`a system can heal Molokai and create jobs.

The Permaculture Research Institute (PRI) has international experience, and is a natural potential partner in our goal to heal the island of Molokai. Let’s hope that 2011 brings us investors in permaculture and Molokai Aina Momona.  

Walter Ritte


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