Hawaiians, Know You Are Royalty Today

Community Contributed

Opinion by Harrie Ann Aki and Gavin Pelekane Tamashiro

Our group is proposing a plan to recognize our Maoli Kingdom, to the Hawaii legislature and our people who live in Hawaii.  If you agree and support our proposal, please go to change.org or go to Molokai Fish and Dive and sign our proposal petition.

This proposal could make a great impact for everyone to get out of suppression in Hawaii. It’s time to protect and malama what we have left for our children’s generation, before we lose it all to state of Hawaii, Department of Hawaiian Homelands, Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Kana`iolowalu and others.

We need to agree and come together as one voice. If we can do that, it’s a blessing for us and our children’s generations to come. May God bless everyone who is reading this, and listening and signing to support. Please sign your name clearly on proposal petition. Much Mahalo.

Draft of the proposal:

Objectives: To recognize our Maoli Kingdom that our people want to generate for a better future for all of us in Hawaii.

  1. The power to enhance and make decisions on promoting to protect, ensure and increase in our Hawaiian lifestyle and our resources on our island by making a Maoli Kingdom policies. Free of charge (exemption) all our people in Maoli Kingdom.
  2. Take suppression off our people in the State of Hawaii.
  3. Mass production of food
  4. Restore everything from mountain to ocean on our resources
  5. Generate a Maoli Kingdom
  6. Remove laws suppressing our people in the State of Hawaii
  7. Remove departments and cooperations we don’t need in our Hawaiian islands, because it will generate in our Maoli Kingdom.
  8. Open discussion on policy to reach our goals to make a better future for our children.

Proposal: (Free) Water, land, land tax, house rent, electric, car, safety, registration, insurance, monthly income $5000, medical/dental.

Remove all negative impact rules and regulations on our Hawaiians and and other nationalities who have joined our Maoli Kingdom from the State of Hawaii that we feel suppress us. We say yes or no towards any future decisions on our lifestyle or any development on our resources in the Hawaiian islands. Dismantle Department of Hawaiian Homelands, Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Kana`iolowalu, as this is part of a big reasons we are suppressed today, and have everything in their possession released to our new Maoli Kingdom.

Our people in this new Maoli Kingdom are no longer under all State of Hawaii laws.   All decision on laws come from the people in our Maoli Kingdom.

As we start new, our goals and dreams of each and every person in Maoli Kingdom shall be met, as best as we can, so for this, we ask the State of Hawaii for funds every year, which shall be released to the Maoli Kingdom. Open for discussion with our people to make decisions that will make our next generation live a Hawaiian legacy forever.


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