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Hawaiian Studies Degree

UH Maui College Molokai News Release

The University of Hawaii Maui College, Molokai will be offering an associate in arts degree in Hawaiian studies starting this fall.

“Establishing the associate degree program is an important step for UH system initiatives perpetuating Hawaiian language, culture, and values,” the Hawaiian Studies instructors at UH, Maui College said.

The new associate degree program will benefit all students seeking a deeper understanding of Native Hawaiian culture and history and is a pathway to any four-year degree.  The degree also is expected to be of interest to those entering the workforce or other areas of study where knowledge of the host culture is desired.

The degree was collaboratively developed by the community college campuses and received unanimous approval from the University of Hawaii, Board of Regents.  The degree proposal grew out of a desire to strengthen the University of Hawaii’s goal of being a leading indigenous-serving institution and to support the advancement of Hawaiian culture and knowledge.

The degree also is a product of close collaboration of faculty at the community college campuses interested in offering a single program of study that addresses the university’s strategic goals with a shared focus.

For more information about the new Hawaiian Studies associate degree and to register for the upcoming fall semester come to UH Maui College, Molokai campus or call (808) 553-4490 option 1.  Fall semester starts on August 26.


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