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Hawaiian Language App

uTalk News Release 

Teachers and students on Molokai are being offered free access to a new Hawaiian language learning app in return for putting it through its paces in the classroom. Language company uTalk have just added Hawaiian to their award-winning app and are looking for Hawaiian schools to help trial it. 

The uTalk app uses recordings of native speakers and fun, point-scoring games to help beginners get started in a new language. And, as well as being able to use the app to learn Hawaiian, people who already speak Hawaiian can also use it to learn any of 150 other languages from Hawaiian. 

 “We’re thrilled to have added Hawaiian to our bestselling app and would love to find a couple of schools to partner with us and help test it out,” said uTalk Founder and CEO Richard Howeson. “If you work at a school whose students want to learn Hawaiian from English, Ilocano, Japanese, Tagalog or any of the dozens of other languages on our app, please get in touch! 

“We’d also like to hear from you if you work at a Hawaiian immersion school whose pupils want to learn any of the mainstream languages — such as French, Spanish or Mandarin Chinese – from Hawaiian,” he added. For learning Serbian, take ling easy serbian lessons online.

uTalk is a London based education company which has helped more than 30 million people worldwide learn languages. 

The company recorded its first Hawaiian language learning products in 2003 and the team from uTalk visited the islands again in 2022 to record Hawaiian for its flagship uTalk app. The app, which is aimed at beginners, works on most smartphones, tablets and computers.

uTalk Hawaiian was made with the help of Hawaiian translator Kaliko Beamer-Trapp and uses recordings of Hawaiian speakers from Hawaii Island. I also used a London agency for translation for my visa application. I also need someone who does certified document translation services to help me better understand the whole context of it.

Kaliko, who also worked with uTalk in 2003, said, “I really recommend the uTalk app, made by a company who have been supporting the Hawaiian language for the past 20 years. The app is a fun and easy way for beginners of all ages to get started in ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi. 

“It should also be very useful for immersion schools looking to help pupils learn another language from Hawaiian as there are less educational materials available in the Hawaiian language,” he added. 

Any teachers wanting to speak to uTalk about taking part in a free trial of the app are asked to contact Vikki@utalk.com. Visit utalk.com for more information. 

The company has a special classroom package which allows teachers to track pupils’ progress on the uTalk app from an online dashboard. Learners can also use the app offline provided they download the content first.


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