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Hawaiian Immersion Summer Schools

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By Manuwai Peters

With interest and demand growing for Hawaiian language programs for kids entering middle school, a second Kula Kaiapuni Kauwela site will open this summer at Molokai Middle School. Kula Kaiapuni Kauwela at Molokai Middle is for students who will complete grade six, seven or eight this school year.  The Hawaiian language based curricula is designed to engage and excite students in the many aspects of the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage of the Hokule`a and Hikianalia wa`a.

Through direct instruction and inquiry, students will compare stories and traditions of the Polynesian (Maori and Tahitian) migration with primary accounts of Hawaiian migrations, genealogies, exploration, and discovery.  Students will be given certificates of completion and be recognized for up to 20-hours of service learning.  Mr. Wepiha Te Kanawa (Ngati Maniapoto and Tuaranga Moana tribes) of Auckland, New Zealand will be a guest teacher for the four weeks and will provide students with performance art instruction, Maori language basics, and oral traditions that speak to the common ancestral connections of the Polynesians.

Registration forms are available at the Molokai Middle School office.  The tuition for the 4-week program is $190.  A limited number of Alu Like, Inc. tuition vouchers are available for qualifying students. Vouchers forms will be available with registration forms. Voucher requests need to be submitted directly to Alu Like, Inc., in Honolulu. Please contact Iolani Ku`oha at iolani_kuoha@notes.k12.hi.us for information and registration forms.

Students completing grades K-5 are encouraged to register for the four-week Kula Kaiapuni Kauwela program hosted at Kualapu`u Public Charter School. This summer marks the third year Molokaʻi students will have access to Hawaiian language opportunities in the summer.  Kula Kaiapuni Kauwela is for all students, regardless of their Hawaiian language abilities.

An emphasis on stories of ancient Hawaiian navigators will provide the backdrop to important lessons for the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage.

Students will also experience dockside lessons that crew members of Hokule`a and Hikianalia will be implementing at ports throughout the four-year voyage and will receive Maori performance arts instruction from Mr. Wepiha Te Kanawa.

Both the Molokai Middle and Kualapu`u School programs are offered by the Department of Education with support from Kamehameha Schools and will be held from June 5 to July 3. Students who enroll should be motivated to learn and use Hawaiian language for the duration of the program.


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