Hawaiian Homes Molokai Meetings in April

HHC News Release

The Hawaiian Homes Commission (HHC), the nine-person executive board that governs the Department of Hawaiian Homes Lands (DHHL), has approved and announced its 2022 meeting calendar. The Molokai community meeting will be held on April 18, and the HHC meeting will be held on April 19, at Lanikeha, both at 9:30 a.m. 

 The meetings will be held in compliance with Act 220 and comply with any existing COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the meeting. Act 220 provides state agencies the flexibility to utilize interactive conference technology for the public to view meetings online as well as provide remote oral testimony so board members and other participants can hear the testimony whether through the internet, a telephone or other means.

 “While the Commission looks forward to getting back out to neighbor islands to meet with beneficiaries in person, having the flexibility to add this level of technology is a real service to our community,” said HHC Chairman William J. Aila, Jr.  

HHC meeting agenda, packets with submittal information, and other relevant HHC meeting information can be found on the DHHL website, dhhl.hawaii.gov/hhc. A livestream broadcast of HHC meetings is viewable via the DHHL website, dhhl.hawaii.gov/live. Past meetings are also accessible through archived links at the bottom of the same page.


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