Hawaiian Blossom

Singer Raiatea Helm and her boyfriend, Guy Sibilla, met Barack and Michelle Obama at a fundraiser at the Kahala Mandarin back in August.

Here’s what she had to say about the encounter: “Meeting Obama was quite an honor.  Just being in his presence had to have been one of the most powerful feelings ever.  He is a very charismatic and articulate man”

She recounted one particularly funny moment from the evening:
 “We all thought about singing a song for Obama…We decided to sing "Hawaii Aloha,” not even less than a minute in to the song, we hear him coming from the back of the room saying, "Hey, I know that song."  Then he started to sing a long with us and took some photos.  It was really fun.”

Raiatea Helm also performed at the Hawaii State Ball for Obama’s inauguration.  Don’t forget to catch her performance on Molokai on March 13 at the Hotel Molokai.


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