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Hawaii Eco-Lights Saves Locals Money

UpRoar and Molokai Chamber of Commerce News Release

Hawaii Eco-Lights, the leader in energy saving concepts, announced two local companies, Napa Friendly Island Auto Parts and Molokai Shores, have taken advantage of LED technology and are seeing the cost savings.

“We have seen at least a fifty five percent cost savings on our monthly electricity bill.” said Ed Wond, owner of Napa Friendly Island Auto Parts in Molokai. “While Hawaii Eco-Lights works in conjunction with our solar panels, we have found LED to be much more cost effective for our business.”

Hawaii Eco-Lights offer businesses and consumers energy saving concepts to cut down on consumption in an effort to provide a more sustainable environment. Compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), Hawaii Eco-Lights, featuring Seesmart™ LED, uses ninety percent less electricity than a standard light bulb. It is projected the state of Hawaii could save between seven and eight million dollars a month by making the switch to LEDs in government and municipality buildings.

 “Hawaii Eco-Lights offers us a way to save money for our business while helping the environment,” said Bob Smith, President of Molokai Shores Condominium complex. “When we looked into Hawaii Eco-Lights we were amazed at the LED product line they carried, from fluorescent tubes to streetlight replacement. After reviewing the cost savings, in some cases up to ninety percent by switching to LEDs, our Board unanimously approved the switch to Hawaii Eco-Lights and LED.”

For more information about Hawaii Eco-Lights and cost savings please visit www.hawaiiecolights.com.


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