Harbor Improvements

Arrival of new cleats better late than never.

Innovative Constructors Hawaii, Ltd.’s Superintendent Greg Ha’s replacement of rusty cleats will make a big difference for Kaunakakai wharf users.

Photo and caption by Jennifer Smith

After nearly a year of complaints to the state, Kaunakakai wharf users can now enjoy freshly installed cleats to tie up their boats.

Captain Clay Ching said he first noticed the rusty cleats at the launching ramp in November when he almost cut his hand while trying to tie up his boat. After speaking with other wharf users, he realized he wasn’t alone in his concern for the potential safety issue, and contacted several members at the state government level to address the problem.

While he was told the cleats would be fixed by February, now six months later he said he is just happy they arrived.

The cleats are not used only by fishermen, but also by paddlers climbing in and out of the water, and the occasional community member walking along the ramp, according to Captain Ching. “It is a real community issue; a lot of people use the place.”

The new cleats installed by the Honolulu-based Innovative Constructors Hawaii, Ltd. are made out of aluminum and are expected to endure weather for decades to come.


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