Happiness in the Storm

I found myself visiting uncle the other day and we sat and listened to the winter trade winds flow down the slopes of Kamakou.  He was talking story when I noticed a trench dug out along his house.  He told me the rains brought a stream to his front door the other day and he unexpectedly found himself digging and quickly!  

He took a break from his trenching and watched the water cascade off the landscaped rocks with a beautiful sheen.  He chuckled to himself as a spoke.  He saw a beauty and happiness in that small waterfall.  Despite a moment of stress and extreme pressure, uncle still managed to find a reason to smile.

This uncle is one of the happiest men I have ever met.  While we all struggle internally, there is always some beauty worth finding here; we just have to be willing to look for it.  We might even find ourselves smiling.

“Mahalo nui uncle, for being you.” 

Aaron Mitchell, MS, MHC


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