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Gymkhana Games have begun on Molokai

Community Contributed

By Donna Howard

Saturday, February 20, 2010 began the Gymkhana Events here on Molokai. Gymkhana is a gathering of horsewomen and horsemen of all ages to engage in informal mounted games. The schedule for 2010 is the third Saturday of each month, of course weather permitting.  This month our attendees were: Momi Afelin, Kiki Afelin, Payton Kaalekahi, Hawi Montemayor, Anela Montemayor, Wendy Doenges, and Alona Demmers.  For those of you who were here this month, I must apologize for no photo as it would not produce itself for this writing.

Not only did we do an obstacle course, warm up on pole bending and barrels, but Viola and Weldon Wichman brought an extra horse over to do pony rides for our birthday girl of the day Payton Kaalekahi who brought her birthday party sleep over kids with her.  You just never know what is going to happen on our Gymkhana Days.

There is a schedule of the year placed throughout Kaunakakai Town bulletin boards, and each month there will be an updated flyer placed on the bulletin boards to update any special things happening for that months games. This month’s theme was for American Institute for Cancer Research.  As of this writing we will be able to donate at least $60.00 to the Molokai Chapter of our Cancer Research.  Thank you to the participants and additional donations.

The next Gymkhana will be Sat, March 20 at Donna Wampler-Howard Farm in Hoolehua (one mile NE past the airport on the dirt road). Be on the premises between 10-11 a.m. to get tacked and warmed up. The theme is Dress in Green, for St. Patrick’s Day. Prizes will be given for best dressed. Fee is $15 for the day, call Aunty Donna or Brittanie at 542-7355


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