The Great Skate

Local skateboarders jam it out in contest.

By Patrick Mason

People of all ages showed up to enjoy the first Maui Skate Tour Series at the Molokai skate park on Saturday. The event is the product of collaboration between the Maui County Parks Molokai district, Hi-Tech Skateboards, Aloha Skateboards, and the community.

“It is a great family oriented event allowing families to come together and enjoy the wonderful facilities we have here,” said Molokai Park District supervisor Billy Amoral, with a smile on his face. “It is always a success when parents come out to support the kids.”

As a part of the tour, six instructors were on hand to teach kids how to jump on boards and have some fun. The event is the first to take place at the park since it was officially reopened this February.

The County tour hosted contests for the participants such as highest ollie, best rail trick, and grom races for the little ones. After the judges tallied their scores, each contest winner scored some new skate gear.

When asked about the success of the event Donovan McNab from Hi-Tech Skateboards replied, “ I’m extremely stoked – the collaboration was huge on the Molokai Park system. They were very helpful and organized, with amazing hospitality.”

“This is hopefully the first event of many,” Amoral said.

The Molokai skate tour was one stop on the list of nine districts participating in the series.

“The skate series has been a process of working with Maui County Parks to sponsor and promote skating, which then becomes a catalyst for the development of new parks for people to enjoy skating,” said Davey Dellong, owner of Hi-Tech Skateboards.

If anyone is interested in attending any of the other tour stops within the other Maui County districts, information is available by contacting Donovan McNab at 808.661.1637


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