A Great Letdown

Most of us no doubt had reacted the same way when we read the front page informing that Disney World may get involved with Molokai. It was a great letdown when we got to the second page to find out that the news coverage was written as an April Fools joke. I thought, how insensitive and thoughtless that someone would concoct a joke of this kind knowing very well how devastating it was for most of us when the ranch was shut down that had actually benefited our people with one of the best putting greens in all Hawaii, our tri-plex theatre, our beautiful lodge and restaurants, our inflatable dome for musical events in Maunaloa.

The ranch had provided Molokai the best they could think of, now I could only hear silence and the whispering winds among our pine trees and the feeling of sadness engulfed me, wishing that somehow one day soon we could restore what we had lost and get our people working again. No doubt Disneyworld would agree with me if they saw how beautiful these flat lands are with unlimited potential. Who knows, with our prayers maybe somewhere in this world there will be someone who will come out way to make our April Fools joke come true. I wish, don’t you?

My Easter Aloha,
Prisca Medeiros


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