Grave Robbed

Hello, I’m Larry Mitchell.  I would like to get some help to protect the dead.  My wife Deborah passed away on July 4, 2010 because of poor healthcare on Molokai. We went to the Quest provider and she said if you live on Molokai don’t get sick. To make a long story short, my wife fell in the hall of my house and broke her back. Four months later Queens [Medical Center] operated [on her] and she died. Debbie is laid to rest at Ka`aukapeka Cemetery. On Jan. 13, someone robbed my wife’s grave of a solar cross, a solar purple flower and a plain solar light. It’s pretty pathetic that she couldn’t get help in life and now she can’t get rest in death. I reported the incident to the police and they said vandals attacked the cemetery a little while back but have not caught anyone yet. I think since it is a state cemetery maybe there should be 24-hour security. It’s our duty to allow loved ones a place to rest in peace.

Larry Mitchell


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