I just want to take a very small moment to express my gratitude for all of Molokai’s wonderful people who kept me in their prayers and thoughts while I was hospitalized. The very fact that I am writing this letter is testament to these healing and loving energies.

My sons and my Dusty and their many trips back and forth to keep vigil over me, the sacrifices that they made to do so, and their help to carry on daily necessities at home were all acts of unconditional love. My friend Jamie’s selfless care of my dogs and plants was simply loving kindness in action. 

I am a very fortunate lady and believe now more than ever that these expressions of love are the most important things that we can do for each other and our precious island with every breath that we take. This beautiful island of Molokai called me back and I will live in gratitude always.

Thank you,
Nannette Walters


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