Good Samaritans are on Molokai

One Monday, March 29, I was headed to town and saw a kitty cat in the road had been run over. On passing I could see that kitty was still alive, bleeding but breathing. My heart jumped to my throat. I turned around, stopped, got out into the middle of the road (Kamehameha V Hwy and First Heights) and stopped traffic. I really had no idea what my next move would be. A pickup truck, golden tan in color stopped about a block up the road. Out of that pickup truck came a young local man over to where I was standing over the poor cat. I was babbling something and he just picked up the cat and moved the poor thing to the side of the road. By now the 10 or more cars stopped could pass. No one honked or showed impatience with me.Yay Molokai people!

I don’t know how long I might have stood there had this nice man not come along. Another person was also in the truck so that means two people came to my rescue that day. You in the truck, thank you for waiting. Then the nice man said “this one’s a goner” and I said “I can’t really tell if this is my cat or not”. Then the nice man changed his story and said “this looks like a pretty healthy cat, it might make it.”  What a sweet man. He didn’t want me to have a break down right there if it was my cat. It wasn’t my cat. He then put kitty in the trunk of my car for me, I thanked him and said God Bless you and he was gone. Forgot to ask his name. Thank you again mystery man for stopping and helping me.

First I stopped at the police station to see if Richard was there and found out that he was in the Hoolehua area so we called the Molokai Humane Society and found out that they were open with a vet on duty. The poor kitty really was badly injured beyond saving.  At least the poor thing did not have to lie in the road in the hot sun, maybe get run over again, and suffer until the end, however long that may have taken.  Please, I beg you, if you hit an animal and you don’t want to stop just call the police department and they will send our wonderful animal control person Richard to deal with the poor thing. Again thank you to the Good Samaritan who stopped to help me and thank you to Molokai Humane Society.

Mickey O’Connell


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