GMOs Banned in 28 Countries

In response to Dennis M. Karpiak’s opinion “GMO, a Powerful Technology” in the Dec. 4 issue, I believe having M.D. after one’s name fails to give one license to make comments such as “…having no scientific basis” against activists without first having done one’s due diligence in researching the “other” side.  Granted, what is stated is an editorial of one’s own personal belief; however, blatant public statements need to be validated by one before committing it to paper.

If GMOs were truly advocated worldwide, every country would embrace it rather than ban it.  GMOs are currently banned in 28 countries, most recently corn in Mexico and a total GMO ban on Hawaii Island. Some of the others include Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, France, Madeira, Switzerland and India.

I agree that scientific research and advancement are crucial.  Biotechnology at the genetic level is the science of the future.  However, unethical practices in burying research findings to support only one side is one of the biggest drawbacks I have discovered behind the Monsanto GMO push.

The Hawaiian activists decry the negative impact against the `aina and its people.  They continue to work toward a safer tomorrow for the `aina and their keiki despite the candy coated moneyed campaigns of giant corporations such as Monsanto.  We malama the `aina, the `aina malama us.

Respectfully submitted,
Madonna Dizon


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