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GMO Labeling Campaign

Community Contributed

Opinion by Walter Ritte

Let me explain why an old guy from Molokai is flying to Oahu and helping to lead a charge for labeling. Molokai is paying the true cost for this “cheap” genetically modified organism – or GMO – food. Our best farm lands are being turned into dust bowls. Soil is not only blowing out into the sea but is being washed by rain down onto our reefs. In the dust are powerful chemicals which are blowing into our cars, schools, kupuna housing, daycare center, County Baseball Park, Molokai Community College, and hundreds of homes. If this is happening to our island, it must be happening on other islands, we all have na`au to aloha aina, and kuleana, to malama aina.

An initiative called Label It Hawaii has a goal to get a Labeling Law passed in Hawaii next year.

We plan to start now in organizing for next year, as the GMO corporations have a huge grip on our Legislature. We believe it is your right to choose what foods you want to feed your family.

We also believe that labeling will finally allow us to track the negative impacts GMOs have on our health.

A council hearing regarding Resolution 12-57, “Urging the State of Hawaii and the FDA to Require the Labeling of GMOs” was held in Kapolei on April 25.