GMO- – a Powerful Technology??

Dr. Karpiak, I was dismayed and disappointed  by the rhetoric you submitted to the Dispatch recently.

For you to allege that those on the island oppose GMOs for undisclosed reasons is ludicrous and seems disingenuous.  I believe there has been much specificity to the concerns and opposition raised. Have you actually listened and read the concerns? And to say that the concerns expressed are anti-science is both deceptive and absurd.  Rather, it seems to me these large chemical companies – for that is their foundation rather than agriculture — have manipulated the political and legal systems to circumvent serious scientific scrutiny and caution.

Rather than debate whether GMSs are the saving grace of mankind or its bane,  let me suggest a couple of ideas that seem fair and common sense.

One concern raised is about the concurrent use of large amounts of pesticides in the scheme of GMO production and use.  I think there is no doubt that this poses at least some degree of risk to the area in proximity of the pesticide use.  I would propose that it would be reasonable to require that there be full disclosure of all pesticides used and when and in what quantities they are to be applied. This would be consistent with regulation of controlled substances in other industries.

Secondly, I also believe it would be fair and reasonable to require that foods which contain ingredients made from or containing GMOs be so labeled in the same manner that all other food ingredients and additives are.  Let the consumer decide if they want to risk eating these untested “food” products.

Lastly, I think that the whole idea of patenting living things is absurd and little more than another scheme by large corporations to reap increasingly larger profits at the expense of everyone else and this practice should be revoked and banned. Leave that area to God and let the higher power hold the patents to life.

Let’s have an honest frank respectful conversation about this topic!  You call GMO research and industry advances. I respectfully beg to differ.

Levie Yamazaki-Gray