Gladys Baisa – Maui County Council, Upcountry (Incumbent)

My top issues are the economy, jobs, and social services. I am aware that there are many others but these are the issues I think we need to address as priorities. With the downturn in the economy, businesses are hurting, people and being laid off or having their hours reduced and the result of this is having a very negative effect on our economy.

Less income means less taxes being paid to the County, and lost jobs. Lost jobs means loss of not only income, but medical benefits and other social impacts. My fear is that there is talk about reducing funding for the nonprofit service providers just when they are going to be needed more than ever.

Being a very unique island, Molokai presents a challenging situation. The residents have clearly articulated their desire to "Keep Molokai, Molokai".  With that in mind, economic development must be done with that idea foremost. Projects must fit the local lifestyle and not impact the culture and mores of the island negatively.

I believe that Molokai is capable of charting its own destiny. I support letting the residents of Molokai decide its future to the maximum extent possible. In the short term, the County of Maui can assist with support like the ferry subsidies, HONI program for assistance with water bills, and other assistance like MEO transportation and other social service programs.

I am a high energy Type A personality. I am very business oriented with strong ties to social services, economic development, and service to the community. My opponent is much quieter, low key, and appears to be concerned mostly with environmental issues and sustainability.

I would like Molokai residents to remember that in order for Molokai to receive the support and help needed, they must elect a team of experienced elected officials who are familiar with Molokai and the needs and desires of its people. I believe I am one of those persons.


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