Giveaway Promotes Recycling

4000 Re-useable shopping bags free at Earthday event.

The County is planning to give 4000 bags away on Molokai. Starting at the evening Earthday event and then continuing with a possible store giveaway, one adult  per household can receive a free re-useable shopping bag compliments of the County of Maui Recylcing Program. 

Looking at similar projects on Maui, Office and Projects Manager for the Molokai-Lanai Soil and Water Conservation Debbie Kelly brought the project request to the County.

With a team of Molokai based folks, Kelly came up with the logo and design for the face of the bag. The county worked with Debbie to design the back) educational panel to appeal specifically to Molokai folks.
Hana Steel: Recycling Coordinator, County of Maui at 808-270-7847
"Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents.  It was
loaned to you by your children."  (Kenyan Proverb)


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