Genetic Genealogy Workshop

Molokai Public Library News Release

Have you researched your family history and hit a brick wall?  Genetic genealogy—using DNA to enhance your family history research—is a powerful tool readily available which can help answer some difficult genealogical questions. Jane Manuel Culp, originally from Molokai, will present a workshop “Using DNA to Enhance Family History Research” in two separate sessions, Tuesday, July 16 and on Wednesday, July 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Molokai Public Library.

In this workshop, examine what ancestral DNA is, how it is passed from one generation to the next, why one might want to test his DNA, what the risks are of testing, how one can protect his privacy and which DNA test one should take.  Maybe you’ve already had your DNA tested.  Now what?  Learn how to use some tools to analyze your DNA test results, and find out what resources are available online and in your community.

We are fortunate to have Jane on island while she is also presenting this workshop at the George Woolsey-Mary Tripp family reunion July 12-14.

Jane was born in Ho’olehua, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin (Frances Baker) Manuel, and grew up on Molokai along with her six siblings.  She says in her bio, “My love for reading and research began when I was young; I especially loved poring over any new material at the Kaunakakai library.”

She is retired from the U.S. Air Force and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Both Jane and her husband are amateur genetic genealogists using DNA along with traditional genealogy to explore heritage.  She has regularly attended genetic genealogy conferences, is a member of the Southern California Genealogy Society and has spoken about the topic at reunions on Hawaii.  Her latest research trip took her to Tasmania.


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