Gala Success

I want to thank everyone who helped make the third annual Hollywood Gala a success.
The people who helped to make this an awesome celebration of student work are: Kamalu Poepoe, MC; Loke Han, certificate organizer; George, Caroline, Ronnie, cafe staff for delicious spaghetti dinner and service; Kalae Tangonan, decorations; Carmen Augustiro, decorations and purple stars; custodians for setting up and taking down everything in the café; Christina Lambert, helping to decorate and choosing the best dressed; Alestra Menendez, paparazzi;Leila Elia, reservations and ballot count; Pua Akaka, help with decorations and smart board loan; Joyce Haase, helping with ballot counting and smart board loan; Heno Linker, decorations; Sue Forbes, help with best dress; Earline Iaea; Dani Dela Cruz, helping with decorations, serving food and serving the pupus; Joran Dudoit, serving the pupus; Tarrah Horner, getting the flyers out, picking up gift certificates, picking up the food, making pupus, serving pupus; students Violet Hanchett and Ali-Maria Gomes-Madela, helping decorate; Cory Vianzos, everything; Lydia Trinidad, presenting all the certificates and recognizing the student achievements as well as her consistent support for technology.

Again thanks to everyone,
Catherine Aki


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