Funding to Enhance Kupuna Care

Na Pu`uwai News Release

An Ahahu`i grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) awarded to community-based Native Hawaiian health organization Na Pu`uwai will fund a Kupuna and Caregivers Day. This upcoming event will offer interacting and socializing together, networking with friends, participating in activities to improve kupuna functional abilities to enhance self-esteem and to prevent memory loss and forgetfulness. It will also provide resources to inform kupuna and caregivers of signs and symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and how to support those who have these conditions.

Na Pu`uwai was initially formed in 1984 as the advisory board for the Molokai Heart Study. Na Pu`uwai was incorporated in 1985 as a Native Hawaiian organization on Molokai dedicated to the betterment of health conditions of Native Hawaiians. Since 1991, Na Pu`uwai has operated as a Native Hawaiian Health Care System for Molokai and Lanai. The organization offers Native Hawaiians and their extended family members programs including health education and disease prevention, long term care options, outreach and enabling services, fitness and wellness, behavioral health, and case management.

Na Pu`uwai is able to encourages maximum participation of Native Hawaiians in achieving optimal health through events such as the upcoming Kupuna and Caregivers Day. Mahalo to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for your generous support!


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