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Funding for Deer Management

County of Maui News Release

The County of Maui Department of Housing and Human Concerns has awarded six grants to assess and manage feral animal populations, including axis deer, throughout Maui County.

“Maui County’s axis deer population has become much more than a nuisance. This invasive species is a threat to the livelihoods of our farmers and ranchers,” said Mayor Michael Victorino. “They also cause traffic accidents and damage yards and backyard gardens on Lanai, Molokai and Maui. Left unmanaged, axis deer will suffer and die from starvation and disease. These grants will help to assess the scope of the problem and employ humane ways to keep deer populations in check.”

Entities that submitted proposals to the Department were focused on the axis deer and feral chicken populations.

On Molokai, The Nature Conservancy Molokai Terrestrial Program was awarded $99,929, while the Molokai Humane Society for the Molokai Hunting Club was awarded $197,800, for Molokai Feral axis deer management.

Organizations on Maui and Lanai also received funding.

Awards resulted from a grant proposal review process that closed Feb. 12. Eligible applicants included businesses incorporated under the laws of Hawaii or federal tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. Final individual program funding amount is dependent upon the grantee’s acceptance of review process conditions and ability to comply with the grant contracting requirements.

Questions should be directed to department’s Grants Management Division at (808) 270-7807.


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