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Frenzied Writers

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By Alestra Menendez

Write Out Loud, a group of Molokai High School writers, has been meeting on Friday mornings to draft, revise and share their writing since November, 2011. This April, they are trying out a new genre: screenwriting. Write Out Loud will join the international movement of Script Frenzy that occurs each April and is made possible by the organizers of National Novel Writing Month in November.

Students have been preparing themselves by reading actual screenplays that were made into movies, such as “Benny and June.” They have been introduced to the infamous three act structure and the concept of the sought-after McGuffin. Now, they are busy developing their plot and characters.

Some of these students may choose to take their screenwriting to the next step, and some may use this exercise to enhance their other writing. With writing, it is all about the process. The time frame and 100-page goal are helpful for keeping the process moving along, as students will be urged to get their movie, TV spec, comic book or play all on paper by 12 a.m. on April 30.

A celebration will follow in May. Write Out Loud is not an exclusive group. Any MHS student is welcome to join in at the MHMS Library on Fridays. Beginning on April 5, any community members willing to get involved may also give screenwriting a shot with support at Hana Hou Thursdays throughout the month of April from 6 to 7 p.m. Joining us from any comfy corner is also possible at scriptfrenzy.org.


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