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Free Spays in May

Molokai Humane Society News Release

The Molokai Humane Society is pleased to announce that for the month of May, all wahine cat and dog spays will be offered free of charge (additional fees for vaccines and pain medications may apply.) This procedure normally costs $20 for cats and $30 for dogs.

This operation can safely be performed on animals as early as eight weeks of age. Molokai does not have an animal shelter, and spaying and neutering is the only way to end overpopulation.

Call 558-0000 to make an appointment. All feral cats must come in a humane trap.


2 Responses to “Free Spays in May”

  1. Sponge Bob says:

    Hooray for the MHS! Animals, like cats, all have a niche on the island. Controlling species, like cats, that have a tendency to over populate, is beneficial to the islands – if after neutering, they are returned to their habitat to control rodent numbers. Molokai people might want to consider establishing an island-wide Feral Cat Management Plan similar to that at Ke Nani Kai.

  2. hawaiiangirl says:

    Please, Cat & Dog owners, get your pets to the MHS ASAP. Also, if you are feeding feral cats, trap them and take them also. We must do all we can to reduce the feral cat population.
    Mahalo to the MHS.

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