Free, Cheaper Meals for Kualapu`u Kids

Kualapu’u School will now offer free and reduced-price meals for those children who qualify.

Kualapu`u School has announced free and reduced-price meals for children of families unable to pay the full price of food served under the National School Lunch Breakfast programs.

Households that will be eligible for free meals must report an income of at most $15,548 for a one-child family, and $53,222 for an eight-child family. Eligibility for reduced-price meals is $22,126 for a one-child family and $75,739 for an eight-child family.

Qualified households should fill out an application and return it to the school. For school officials to determine eligibility, households receiving food stamps or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) must list the child's name, their food stamp or TANF case number and the signature and name of an adult household member. 

Households not receiving food stamps or TANF must list:  1) names of everyone in the household; 2) amount and source of income received by each person, 3) name and social security number of the parent/guardian who is the primary wage earner 4) the signature of an adult household member.

For more information, contact Kualapu`u School at 567-6900.


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