Free Cancer Screening

Community Contributed

By Charlene Naniuikoupua Preza

Dr.  Kalani Bradley shared his 20-minute health class with the women who attended a free cancer screening event at the end of last month.  The purpose was to inform and educate wahine of Molokai on health issues of cancer in women.  Through many hours of research, Bradley found that the earlier cancerous tissue is detected as benign or malignant, the more preventable it is.  Close treatment and care given e.g. physical examination to lung, breast, cervical, colon and mammogram, plus drastic change in diet, lifestyle regime and educating oneself about cancer, can help reduce the risk of cancer. For instance, physical examination like a colonoscopy procedure should be conducted every 7-10 years beginning at age 45, which can show irritated and swollen tissue, ulcers, polyps, and other colon cancer symptoms.

It is imperative to heed the urgency in this medical issue!  I counted seven women who attended and was glad they came to the Na Pu`uwai clinic for Native Hawaiians to participate in this screening.

A nonprofit organization since 1991,  Na Pu`uwai continues to service our community on medical issues.  They not only help Natives Hawaiians but the Molokai community as a whole.  Na Pu`uwai has an excellent staff consisting of case manager Nicolette, and community health services worker, Lisa.  April is receptionist at the front desk, and also, Kamelo, data lead manager, finally Mike, an efficient nurse.  Mike knows his stuff!  In addition, five OB/GYNs from Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children on Oahu performed the physical xaminationa.

Altogether, science and research have proven cancer as a killer because of wrong diet, detrimental and prescribed drugs, and environment. Yet there is hope for cure; for both men and women with yearly physicals, drastic change in diet and proper exercise, leading to a long life for kupuna and keiki.

Mahalo Nui Loa for a job well done this year and I hope Na Pu`uwai will continue to serve the Friendly Isle.


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