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Food Production Database for Molokai

Sust`aina ble Molokai News Release

Sust`aina ble Molokai is working to integrate our island’s legacy of `aina momona (abundance) with modern self-reliant precepts to build a sustainable Molokai rooted in traditional knowledge and supported by emerging green practices and industries. We are creating Molokai-pedia, an open source multi-layered database project, which will focus on creating a needs assessment picture of Molokai’s resources.

Molokai-pedia will draw what is available on Molokai in the areas of environment and natural resources, land use and subsistence, waste management, community health and safety, culture, green economy and local businesses, eco-education, water, renewable energy, transportation, green building and affordable housing, and food production and security. This project will show data for only Molokai, making it easier to use current information for a multitude of purposes including fund developing, planning or educational endeavors. It will serve various functions in our community and our first topic explored – food production and security – will give students, entrepreneurs , the backyard gardener, fishers, hunters, farmers, existing businesses, and other interested entities and individuals who may at a glance tell who in the community provides what services, network and partner appropriately. We see this needs assessment database as an important resource that builds community capacity, leadership, and meaningful partnerships in the public and private sector, an effective website tool that can reach many within and beyond our shores.

Stay tuned to our website, sustainablemolokai.org, as we build Molokai-pedia and share our findings on Molokai’s food production and security. We invite the public to take our Food Production & Security survey at our website. Go to sustainablemolokai.com/molokai-pedia-social-media. Hard copy surveys are available to be filled out at our office in Hoolehua near Lanikeha, at the Kuhao Business Center, County of Maui/Office of Economic Development, the Molokai Community Health Center and the UH Maui College, Molokai branch (located in the Learning Resource Center). Mahalo for your time!

If you’d like more information about this topic or have resource suggestions for us to include, please call Lahela Han at 808-560-5410 or email info@sustainablemolokai.org.



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