Fixing the Pipes

Molokai Irrigation System gets a makeover.

By Melissa Kelsey

For farms to thrive on Molokai, nothing is more important than a reliable source of water. At the Molokai Irrigation System (MIS), significant water pipe upgrades are almost finished, and promise to make water delivery to the island’s farms even more secure, according to MIS Chairman Adolph Helm.

Helm said the state legislature approved over $1 million toward MIS system upgrades several years ago after state audits revealed massive disrepairs. But it was not until this year that the actual repair work began.   

To the revamp the system, Helm said the primary pipes that connect the MIS from the east end of the island to the west end are being replaced. These lifelines, which service all of the MIS pumps on Molokai, have never been replaced since the MIS was first constructed more than 40 years ago. The MIS system electrical wiring has already been amended to better handle water moisture. As an added perk, a telemetry system will be installed that will allow for remote control of the pumps and give MIS workers the ability to monitor the water flow inside pipes and wells.     


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