The First Annual Molokai Ohana 70’s Surf Meet

The Contest is On!
March 4th, 2007 – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Kaluakoi Beach, West End Molokai

The Molokai Ohana Surf Club (MOSC) is holding its first annual surf contest, the Molokai Ohana Surf Meet, this Sunday!

100% of proceeds generated from the event will go towards the startup of MOSC. 

Judged on style and costume, the event itself is designed to promote the fun of surfing in a family environment. Contestants are encouraged to surf with their own original style in the spirit of the seventies – aggressive and competitive attitudes not needed. May the surfer who has the most fun win! 

Musical sensation and Molokai boy, Sashamon, will be a featured musical guest as well as a competitor at this year’s competition.  

In the spirit of the seventies, George Helm and Kimo Mitchell, the legendary activists who gave their lives for Kaho`olawe and environment, will also be remembered and honored at this year’s surf meet. It will be exactly 30 years this March 7th since both men disappeared swimming of between Maui and Kaho`olawe. 

MOSC has recently registered with the state to become Molokai’s newest non-profit club. The MOSC mission is to provide Molokai youth and young adults with healthy and safe opportunities through surfing and water sports while perpetuating the Hawaiian values of malama `aina, malama ke kai, and aloha ohana. Future goals for MOSC’s fiscal year include:

  • A membership of 20 youth, and 20 non-youth supporters
  • Acquisition of surfboards, bodyboards and other surf equipment including matching team apparel.
  • Providing after-school and weekend surf sessions at least once a week during the winter surf season.
  • Water safety and CPR certification for all MOSC officers and at least 50% of its youth members.
  • Four or more organized beach cleanups.
  • At least two mentoring sessions with professional surfers and other role models.
  • Hosting one or more winter surf contests and
  • The building of partnerships with similar organizations

 To date, MOSC has acquired a donated van, has organized its first surf meet, and received in-kind donations. We greatly appreciate any further contribution of goods or services made to MOSC. 

For more information, contact founders Noelani Lee and Todd Yamashita at 808-552-2781, Clint and Loretta Labrador at 808-553-8070


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