Fire Assistance Mahalo

On Friday, June 25, because of faulty and not to code electrical wiring, my small hale in Kawela was engulfed in flames within seconds and left me with literally nothing but the pajamas I was wearing and my dog.

I want to thank the Fire Department that responded, the Police Department and all these amazing people that helped me; Ben and Chris Ann Severson, Patty Keaweamahi, Pattee Kawaauhau, Theresa Kealoha, Jelden Jose and Titah English, and a neighbor whom I have never met but held my hand and stayed with me and offered me his couch to sleep on that night (would love to know you and thank you in person), Aaron Boswell and Sean Simon (both with the Fire Department).

The most amazing and instant support and help came from the Red Cross. Lester not only answered my phone at an incredibly early hour but was on his way to meet me. Within hours Jordan on Maui called me and less than an hour later, Lester delivered support for me to get clothes, toiletries, food, etc. If there is one organization you donate to, make it the Red Cross. I will be volunteering for them on Molokai for the foreseeable future.

I am so grateful and thankful for the outpouring of all the support and kindness from my neighbors and friends.

When we can gather again, I would like to invite everyone to a celebration of “Molokai Kindness” and cook a feast for everyone — because that is what I do…cook!

The lesson to be learned is to make sure you have all your electrical to code, (even if you are a renter as I was), and do not depend on your landlord or property owner to have everything to code and safe. Make sure all flammable materials are removed from around your house and property.

The overuse of extension cords and faulty or inadequate circuit breakers is the cause of 99 percent of electrical fires which is what caused this fire and lastly…get renters insurance because the owners insurance might not cover all my losses.

Grateful to be alive and safe. Mahalo to everyone that helped me!

Christi Feeter


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