Fine Fowl

from fighting and you can’t make one fight,” said Skinner, explaining that fighting is in rooster’s nature and not a characteristic forced upon them by handlers.

“I love taking care of my chickens,” said Rapanot as he stroked the shiny feathers of a bird in his arms. “It’s like therapy for me.”

Event organizers would like to give a big mahalo for our gamefowl exhibit organized by individuals and gamefowl enthusiast, Randall, Hoku, Sarah, and Oli Corpuz, Ronnie and Boomie Rapanot, Cameron Alefaio, Russell and Carrie DeCoite, Mike DeCoite, Craig Arinoki, Bobby Dacuycuy, Barbara Haliniak, Patrick and Denise Kawano, Eddie and Susan Grospe, Leslie Florea, Councilman Danny Mateo, Maui Council Parks and Recreation Billy Amoral and special mahalo to Todd and Anthony Steel and Judge Joe Mac Skinner from Grit and Steel.  If there is anyone that we forgot, e kala mai.

Molokai Game Fowl Show Results:
Overall Winner: Grand Champion Rooster — Russell DeCoite; Reserve Champion –Craig Arinoki

Red Roosters, light color legs: Blue Ribbon — Oli Corpuz; Red Ribbon — Jesse Dudoit; White Ribbon — Peter Gammit

Red Rooster, Dark color legs: Blue Ribbon — Craig Arinoki; Red Ribbon — Oli Corpuz; White Ribbon — Daniel Rapanot

Greys, Open Class: Blue Ribbon — Russell DeCoite; Red Ribbon — Craig Arinoki, White Ribbon — Paitaka Mawae

Mixed Class: Blue Ribbon — Peter Gamit; Red Ribbon — Daniel Rapanot; Paitaka Mawae      

Hens: Blue Ribbon — Russell DeCoite; Red Ribbon — Peter Gamit; White Ribbon — Jesse Dudoit

Pairs: Grand Champion Hen — Russell DeCoite; Blue Ribbon — Peter Gamit; Red Ribbon — Jesse Dudoit


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