Filling Up Water Data

By Leo Azambuja

Water is one of the most valuable commodities on Molokai. The Water Working Group (WWG) has been gathering data in hopes to better manage supply and demand of the precious resource.

The group held it’s most recent meeting last week Wednesday at the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands conference room, attended by over 30 people.

Ellen Kraftsow, head of the planning division of the county Department of Water Supply, gave attendees a detailed presentation illustrating Molokai’s ground and surface water sources, existing permits, and other water related data.

The WWG first met in 1993, and was supposed to meet every three years thereafter. However, after its 1996 meeting the group waited until 2007 to re-assemble. About 50 percent of the original members still remain in the group.

The seventh and last meeting of the 2007/2008 session is scheduled for March 19, but WWG member Kammy Purdy said that the group needs more meetings before it can accurately determine water usage figures, and make recommendations.

Purdy said the Enterprise Community Project #7 (Water Use Plan) should help finance the extra meetings. However, Purdy said she contacted the EC three times a month ago, and has yet to get a response.


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