Faster than the Wind

The attitude of sailing, and carrying cargo for trade and commerce, by swiftly, and safely transporting freight, passage, and cargo to and from market, truly was in its zenith during the Golden Age of Sail, with a lightweight, ultra strong vessel called the clipper ship.

Clipper ships were the fastest ships of its time, before the invention of steam ships. This time, we will be harnessing this “free ride from nature” with kites, wings, and foils added to the sails, and could be used as Molokai’s own future inter-island transport system, with zero emissions 

Here are my favorite websites that defines my passion and compassion for sailing, and needed inspiration: www.yachtpals.com, www.solarnavigator.net, www.sailkarma.com. Contact me at irukasaitoh@gmail.com

Iruka Saitoh


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