Farming a Business

Ali`i Kula Lavender farm faced many problems throughout its existence, from drought to pests and even theft. “Every time we saw a problem we turned it into an opportunity,” Weigert said. “The passion to fulfill this dream is what kept us going.”

Over the years it has been operating, the farm created many jobs. Besides employing 24 people on property, it created several jobs for the community by rendering services. The farm is also helping Hawaii to become recognized as a world-class destination, according to Weigert. But she said the lavender farm is just an example. “We can do so much more, this is just one model of doing that,” she said.

“We created something high quality and low impact for our community,” Weigert said. “It’s not about supporting tourism, it’s about creating sustainability.”

Mahalo to Hawai`i Maoli, Ho`olehua Hawaiian Civic Club, Administration for Native Americans and Kuha`o Business Center for donating their time, money and effort to help Molokai farmers experience the aspects of a successful business enterprise. 

For more information on Ali`i Kula Lavender please visit their Web site at


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