Farmers Ask MIS Chairman Helm to step down

Ho`olehua residents upset over advisory Irrigation board’s handling of Bills

passes this year, that’s fine; we’ll work with it. You guys do what you got to do.”

The next day, the House Representatives did, in fact, pass legislation on the MIS in the form of bill SCR176; both the House agricultural and land management boards recommended the adoption of the bill which would order an audit of the MIS system. Ho`olehua farmers believe this audit will eventually result in MIS generated revenues remaining on-island, allowing much-needed repairs and improvements to Molokai’s neglected irrigation infrastructure.

As for SB1705, essentially quadrupling Homesteader representation and making the MIS a governing body, the bill has been passed by the Senate, and is awaiting a House decision. 1705 could be a big step toward self determination for Ho`olehua farmers, but weather lawmakers agree with its effectiveness remains to be seen.


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