Exemptions Will Help More Disabled Veterans

This year, the Maui County Council made positive changes to homeowners exemptions resulting in tax relief for many, however, a 1980s era law allows only 100 percent disabled veterans to qualify for a disability exemption. This law is limiting and does not address the needs of other severely disabled veterans.

With this in mind, Maui County Council colleague Gabe Johnson and I are co-sponsoring legislation in the County Council that will lower the qualifying percentage to 70 percent. This would allow more of our disabled veterans on Molokai, Lanai and Maui to become eligible to receive this important exemption and will be retroactive for widows of veterans with 70 percent or more, service-related disability as well.

Please support this legislation and take time to appreciate all our veterans, especially those who gave their lives defending our freedoms and those who have come home suffering from disabilities related to war.

Mike Molina

Maui County Councilmember


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