Enterprise Community in Transition

Non-profit intends to hire staff and hold elections.
By Jennifer Smith

The Enterprise Community’s (EC) future hangs in limbo as the non-profit operates without a fulltime administrator or staff. The EC’s monthly meeting last Thursday provided general updates, no action items, and no date for the EC board member election which remains undecided since January.

Members of the EC Board Development Committee, who administer EC elections, have been unable to coordinate their schedules, said Stacy Crivello, interim director and president of the EC. She said that off island trips and previous commitments have led to schedule conflicts.

Committee member Colette Machado is currently on Oahu serving as an OHA trustee at the legislature which closes in April. While, board president Stacy Crivello said the board cannot wait until the legislature closes she did request that Machado be given the opportunity to continue her participation on the committee.

The chosen election date will also need to correspond with the availability of the Women’s League, who will again oversee the EC election.

Past EC election were held at the end of January.

The non-profit is currently operating without an executive director (ED), since former ED Abbey Mayer received an appointment as the Director of Planning from Governor Linda Lingle.

 “At the present time I am working with Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii to determine if we are going to look for an executive director or administer,” Crivello said, explaining that Mayer was originally hired as an administrator.

“I am currently overseeing the day to day operations,” Crivello said. The board president volunteered to act as EC ED until the position is filled. 

With no new business on the agenda Crivello announced the scheduled Annual Board Meeting would not take place that day.

“I apologize, complete oversight until today. So I am not prepared,” Crivello said. The board rescheduled its Annual Meeting for next month, following the regularly scheduled meeting.

The next EC board meeting is scheduled for March 20 at 4:45 p.m. in the DHHL meeting room.


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