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Molokai History Project News Release

It’s springtime! The possibilities are endless, and our enthusiasm grows with every beautiful day. Sometimes there is a spark over here and sometimes it’s a spark over there, but it always reminds us more and more folks are learning about us, enjoying what the history project has to offer, and stopping by to learn more about the wonderful and interesting folks who call Molokai home.

The Molokai History Project has now been open for six months, and in that time we have done a huge amount of research into subjects that we’ve exhibited in the museum.  Our new exhibit on the Molokai paniolo delved deep into the history of our most well-known paniolo, and that information is available to you in the museum.  We encourage teachers to bring their students, parents to bring their children, high school students to come learn and share their ideas, and visitors to stop in and learn more about what Molokai is all about.  We have an extended paniolo exhibit at the library in Kaunakakai, and it’s a beautiful, thorough history of our special Molokai paniolo.  Please don’t miss it.  Our focus is on digging deep for facts, learning all we can about a subject, and then sharing that knowledge.  Please come and learn with us!

Check out the paniolo exhibit at the library, have a look at Misaki’s window, and stroll through our museum with saddles, photos, facts and awards that honor our Molokai paniolo. Make it a fun day! After all, it’s springtime!




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