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Energy Coop Seeks Local Contractors

Ho’ahu Enery News Release

Hoʻahu Energy Cooperative Molokai, a new local entity formed to support community-owned energy projects, seeks interest from individuals and companies based on Molokai with qualifications relevant to energy development.

As a locally-led cooperative of Molokai residents, we are committed to supporting local people and economic development on Molokai. Our energy development partners, Shake Energy Collaborative and Mana Pacific, are equally committed to hiring locally and we collectively put out this call for interest.

We are looking for Molokai people interested in participating in the design, construction and operation of energy projects at this time for several upcoming projects. In particular, we are putting together our proposal for a solar and battery storage project for the next Community-based Renewable Energy (CBRE) solicitation. We are also planning future microgrid projects.

The skills we are looking for include solar panel and battery installation, both small and large scale projects; general construction, including grading, foundations, pile driving, fencing; electrical work; environmental compliance and permitting; and accounting and invoicing.

If you have any qualifications that you believe might be relevant to our work but not listed above, please let us know!

If you don’t have any of these qualifications yet but would like to become trained, please reach out. We will keep you updated about our planned solar and microgrid training programs later this year and connect you in the meantime with existing resources such as classes at the Molokai Education Center.

To reach out, please fill out the form on hoahuenergy.coop or reach out to Ali Andrews, CEO of Shake Energy Collaborative at ali@shake-energy.com

Additionally, we will be hosting our next community workshop over Zoom this coming Saturday, May 1, 9 to 10:30 a.m. At this workshop we’ll be discussing the topic of community ownership of energy assets, including the risks, benefits and what is most important for Molokai people. If you are interested in attending, please reach out through the website or email address above.


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