An End of the Year Look into Molokai’s 4-H Club

It has been a busy year for our 4-H participants but as usual, a year’s worth of learning, experiencing and giving back to the community. By the way a little background on what 4-H stands for: Head, Heart, Hands and Health; Head for clearer thinking, Heart for greater loyalty, Hands for larger service and Health for better living…for our community, our country and our world.

–>Reserve Champion: Kaulu Apuna

This year we have 3 seniors that graduated from Molokai High and have completed their time as a 4-Her; they will be moving on to further their education at different colleges. They are Deisha Pico, Charles Frank “CJ” Borden and Reggie Villa. The 4-H Council and Livestock Committees have presented scholarships of $250 per person once they finished their 4-H Learning Experience essay on banquet night. It was quite interesting to hear what they learned and thought about the program as a whole. Best of luck in your future endeavors and you will surely be missed!


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