Eminent Domain Is NOT A Right to Take Property from Molokai Ranch

By George Peabody

There is not a "Takings Clause" in the Fifth Amendment beyond the implied necessity to purchase movable objects.  Land is not mentioned. Read it!

The concept of "eminent domain" wherein the state legislators hold all lands as a sort of their kingdom in waiting does not exist in the Constitution for the United States of America.  The "takings power" they now call Eminent Domain is an ignorant interpretation of the 5th Amendment by treasonous fascist attorneys who have usurped the judiciary and deceived The People.

Crooked attorneys/judges and politicians write such outrageous rational to perpetuate their status.

The U.S. Constitution states the following, "The Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needed Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State."  CLEARLY, only the CONGRESS may dispose of or make needed rules and regulations respecting territory or property of the United States and neither the union nor the States can make prejudicial claims over private property.

EMINENT DOMAIN is not a right to take but the right of Sovereign American Citizens to own private property!

People who are unwilling to exercise their unalienable rights are doomed to forfeit them, and those who pervert the words of the 5th Amendment to enable non-Constitutional criminal acts which are prohibited therein are at best bootstomping fascist stooges.

Unfortunately, stories published in Dispatch and Times regarding proposals to utilize such fascist tactics as theft of land to punish Molokai Ranch's possible PUC contract violations were not questioned by Editors.

Sure, we all hate the despicable acts and hubris of Molokai Ranch/MPL, and the cabal of greedy attorneys/politicians representing it.  But we must avoid stooping into their putrid slime by subverting for vindictive ends the Constitutional limitations on our civil servants, or we will soon find ourselves leaving footsteps of slime leading directly into the Hell of having no rights protected by the Constitution for the United States of America.

Mahalos, George Peabody editor for Molokai Advertiser-News since 1984
HC01  Box 770, Kaunakakai, HI  96748 http://www.MolokaiAdvertiserNews.com


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