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Emergency Response Drills This Week

Monsanto News Release

If you happen to see fire trucks, police cars and ambulances descend on one of Monsanto’s fields this week, don’t panic. It’s all part of a safety drill that provides emergency response training for Monsanto employees and public safety personnel.

“Safety is integral to Monsanto’s daily operations, and is incorporated into everything we do,” said Dawn Bicoy, community affairs manager for Monsanto Molokai. “This practice drill is a great way to provide hands-on training so our employees are prepared for emergencies and know what to do.”

The emergency drill is being carried out with the cooperation and assistance of the Molokai fire and police departments, and EMT personnel.

“We’re very fortunate to have such enthusiastic fire fighters, police and EMTs here on Molokai who want to participate in a pro-active safety event like this,” Bicoy said.  “They’ve been extremely helpful in planning for this drill.”

Monsanto employees have been given training and are aware that a drill will take place, but in order to simulate real emergency conditions, the specific date and location have not been disclosed to them.  “This is really exciting to know we’re going to participate in something that also provides civic emergency training,” said Chiemi Talon, administrative assistant at the Monsanto Molokai site. 


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