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Elect Mahina Poepoe for State Rep

If I was asked to identify one reason to elect Mahina Poepoe as our State House District 13 representative, I would be hard pressed to choose between “Dedicated hands-on community worker,” “Tireless citizen activist,” “Unassuming leadership qualities,”  and “She gets the work done.”

Whether it be pursuing climate resiliency, providing access to healthcare, establishing a zero cap on short term vacation rentals, eliminating the influence of money in politics, fighting for a living wage, stewarding fishponds, implementing invasive species outreach, coordinating the Halawa Hawksbill Turtle Project, being a water protector, working as a Legislative Analyst for the Maui County Council, living for Native Hawaiian rights, her work is always in service to improving our quality of life and the health of the environment.

Whether it be serving on numerous committees and boards such as the Conservation Planning Committee, Solid Waste Task Force, Pane Huli Au, Kia’i Kanaloa, MCHC, etc., etc., Mahina’s ubiquitous presence in, and commitment to, the Molokai community make her a true people’s candidate.

Having had the great privilege of working with Mahina in many of the aforementioned arenas, I have a great respect for her ethical construct, her genuine compassion for her community, and her natural strategic smartness.  Mahina unwaveringly pursues community driven solutions.

A vote for Mahina Poepoe affords our community the opportunity to elect the only Molokai candidate running for House District 13 in the Democratic Primary.  Mahina comes from our community, works in our community, and advocates for our community.  She is the perfect candidate to represent us. 

Mahalo for your consideration,

Greg Kahn



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